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About Us 21 July 2024 
  About Us  

"TOURISTSTROY-TSARATSOVO" JSco. was founded on 20th October 1985 as a concern producing metal hanging ceilings and semi-manufactured ventilation articles.

While expanding the work, new technologies and new products are being assimilated and at that moment "TOURISTSTROY-TSARATSOVO" JSco. is a modern concern in which is concentrated the production of many metal articles of different types.
The production list includes cable grates, metal hanging ceilings, air conduits, differently-shaped laminated iron, metal shelves, wardrobes, cupboards, cases, chairs, decorated fence panes, metal platforms, roof elements, metal doors, recycle bins, portable offices and merchant pavilions, industrial tubs, irregular products.

"TOURISTSTROY-TSARATSOVO" JSco. presently possesses post-modern Swiss technology for painting on polimeric powdered overlays, guaranteing high quality and long life of the painted articles.
The concern is in proccess of including and assimilating the system for quality control - ISO 9001:2000 .

The concern has a series of prizes from branch organizations and expositions.



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